JWP Build to Suit

Based on the company specifications, a tenant will hire a commercial developer. The developer JWP will acquire, take ownership, and manage the risk of construction of the property. The tenant will then lease the property from the developer/owner.

The property is typically leased for a predetermined length of time and typically longer term, due to the fact the building is designed specifically for the tenant.

What are the advantages of a build to suit?

In most cases, a new build to suit development tends to be a more cost-effective (not necessarily total cost, just cost-effectiveness) and less risky endeavor than some other types of development. Right out the gate, a couple of reasons for this are:

  • The buildings are fairly uniform/constant - meaning, the tenant has a standard their working off of, so you know what to expect.
  • And for the developer/owner, there’s almost no leasing risk. The tenant is already identified and under lease.

Probably the biggest advantage of build to suit development is, as we’ve mentioned and as the name implies, the property is designed and built to suit the specifications of the tenant. Therefore, the tenant has significant input into the design and construction. Ultimately, this approach helps to:

  • Maximize space
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce long-term costs

The creation of a tenant’s ideal property helps them to avoid settling for an existing structure that may not meet their specific requirements and therefore lack the needed efficiency.


Buyer and Seller Services

When we say that JWP is an unparalleled level of personal service and offers a specialized boutique real estate experience, we mean it. We make an investment in our sellers because our sellers are making an investment in us. Listing preparation and marketing are the two key components of a successful real estate sale. Learn more about how JWP’s approach to selling real estate is like no other you’ll find.

The Importance of Preparing Your House to be Listed

Prepping a house to be listed in today’s complex market can be stressful and time consuming to home sellers. Let McNair Group’s market listing team take the frustration and hassle out of getting your home ready to sell. We provide full-service market preparation including consulting on property enhancements, setting a budget, hiring and managing vendors, house cleaning and staging.

Our-full service team ensures that property enhancements, combined with strategic pricing, result in a maximum return on investment for your house.

Developing a Market Preparation Strategy

In order to obtain the highest value for your upcoming listing, McNair Group’s market preparation team will begin with an initial walkthrough of the house to determine the initial scope of services needed. Based on the condition of the property, the listing manager will provide multiple preparation options with corresponding budgets and schedules.

These strategic improvement recommendations are based on an analytical review of the return on investment. Once the scope of services is agreed upon, our listing manager will begin scheduling vendors to unleash your home’s potential

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