Ahead of the Curve

JWP is an investment company locating and buying all types of properties with profit opportunities.  Our diverse portfolio includes residential foreclosures, commercial properties and investment rentals. JWP provides professional, accurate and comprehensive information to our investors and partners, delivering the highest returns on investment capital.

years in the market
transactions on land, homes or commercial real estate
million dollars of investment transactions
million investment holdings

Become a Real Estate Investor Today

JWP is an investment company that lets you unlock the benefits of flipping homes or owning rental properties, without the drawbacks.  With as little as $50k min, you can invest directly in a portfolio of properties that generate consistent quarterly cash flow and upside potential.

Would you rather own dozens of properties, or just one?

By joining JWP, we believe in leveraging our size and experience over the risks associated with doing it yourself. You’re in dozens of properties ranging from single-family rentals, home flips and mixed used developments.

Our Priority

JWP is the most trusted real estate investment company in the Houston area.

When we say that JWP is an unparalleled level of personal service and offers a specialized boutique real estate experience, we mean it.